About Ruth Taylor

Ruth Taylor is an Illustrator and Animator. She was born in Scotland, but migrated with her family to the Netherlands when she was young. She grew up in Rotterdam, where her interest in Illustrating grew. After finishing high school she moved to Breda to study animation at St. Joost Art Academy. She received her bachelor degree in design in 2011. She graduated with the short film “Drifted”. Which got selected for screening at the Nederlands Film Festival. After graduation she started working at Productionhouse Marco Klein + Partners, where she has worked for 4 years. After that she went on an around a world trip, to work on personal animation projects in several artist residencies. During this trip she started working on her shortfilm “The Cliffs”.

Now she is working as a freelance animator and illustrator, specializing in character,- art and animation. Currently she is working on a new shortfilm of Job Joris & Marieke as Character Animator.

She has been featured twice in the Photoshop advance magazine for her illustration work. On the art website deviantart her work got featured 3 times as a daily deviantion. In 2012 she made a short “Jump” for the animations sequence project and was selected as one of 25 best shorts out of a few hundred applications.